Rise in young people becoming homeless

The number of young people becoming homeless in Sydney is increasing.

Lily Gobran a representative from City Of Sydney speaking at Sydney TAFE on June 9, said it was a major issue that is not only in Sydney but all across Australia.

Ms Gobran explained that young people sleeping on the streets/couch surfing is caused by many factors. They could be fleeing violence, have an addiction, mental illness, unemployed and one of the biggest factors, lack of affordable housing.

“You can’t solve homelessness without tackling housing supply. Without diverse mix of housing, people sleep rough are at risk of becoming entrenched in homelessness”

Ms Gobran also discussed how us as a community can help to minimise the number of people sleeping rough, through standing up and saying “its not acceptable to push our young people into poverty and disadvantage, as would be the outcome of the governments budget proposal for a six month waiting period to apply before young people receive income support.

“we also need to give people the tools to access education and training to enable them to contribute to, and benefit from, our economy”,

She spoke of the survey that was conducted.

“Out of 35 of the young people we interviewed on the streets, 40 per cent required housing with intensive support. 56 per cent require short term support and affordable housing and 4 per cent just require housing they can afford to exit homelessness.”

“The number of people sleeping rough across our city highlights the need for multiple agencies across all levels of government to work together to provide safe and secure shelter for all one of the most fundamental human needs” she said.




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