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What I hope to achieve in the media industry.

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I am currently completing my Certificate IV and hopefully following on to do my diploma  this year. I am discovering and finding out what my goals are, and for what I wish to do when I complete this course.

Where do I want to be? – I want to aim big, and be able to meet all criterias of several media job roles. That will then allow me to be able to change roles in all job areas in media, as my skills will be able to adapt to the various careers. My main career objective is to gain experience in a media related job, preferably being within the circle of social media.

A job role that really appeals to me is writing content / controlling social media platforms for a popular organisation such as the ABC, MTV, VICE, Buzzfeed etc. This sort of job really appeals to me as I have been brought up in a generation that lives and breathes media. Especially social media such as Facebook, snapchat, twitter and Instagram. Being able to turn something I am so familiar with and love to learn about into a career would be amazing, and something that I would love to do each day.

The skills which I would need to develop to reach my goal of working or gaining experience in the the job field above, is firstly to have the ability to write smart, funny, popular articles quickly,  and come up with ideas fast. Additionally I must insure to have full knowledge of fact- checking and basic copyright requirements. Next is to develop the ability to research effectively on the topics of pop culture, technology, design, sustainability, current affairs, fashion, lifestyle, travel, food & drink, film, the arts and local cultural life.

To meet the skills I need I will start becoming familiar and practice writing content on all different topics. Along the way picking up my errors and what needs to be improved and worked on. I will then make sure I am fully confident on the rules of copyright requirements and fact- checking, before applying for any internship, work experience or job. Another key skill I will need to develop and improve on is conducting interviews. Identifying what skills I need and what I already have will allow me to work on areas that I need to self improve on.

Understanding that to achieve my objectives I need as much advice and help as possible. By reaching out to an existing media professional/s for advice will help me have a greater understanding of what skills and experience I need to accomplish to work and have a career in media. Seeking advice from a professional such as my TAFE teachers will give me an advantage of understanding what areas I need to grow on. In the bigger picture, emailing a organisation that provide work experience and asking them what requirements it is that I need to have to achieve the goals of working in the job field I desire.