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Part 2: : Syrian Journey

The news story I have chosen to review and analyse is the ‘Syrian Journey’ published on the BBC website. ( This story can be viewed by all audiences, as it is an occurring issue that the whole world is aware of and constantly hearing about on all news networks.

The technique used to tell the story is very unique and is different to many other new stories. The reason being is that is it a virtual journey of what it would be like escaping the war in Syria.

You go through step by step what decisions and risks you would take for you and your family to try and survive the journey to Europe. This is happening every day in Syria and it is usually hard to truly understand the hardship these people are going through trying to get to safety. This way of telling a story is very innovative as it’s a new way of looking at the issue.

We hear all the time about what goes on in Syria but this form of hearing about it helps us get a better understanding of the real dilemmas the refugees face when fleeing Syria.

This technique of telling a story is highly effective as it engages the reader and puts them into the story. Like many other articles we just read and see the story sometimes doesn’t sink in but this way of telling the story makes us feel for the person in the situation and we get an understanding of what the individuals in the story are dealing with and what is going on when fleeing from a war.

The viewing of this story is overall a good presentation, it is fast and clear with great illustrations that take you through the story and help describe the situation. Overall a quality news story that does a great job of including and engaging the audience in the story.