Exploring Kurnell 🐳🌲🌊

Here is short video of when I went and explored Kamay Botany Bay National Park. On our adventure we spotted a pod of whales passing by. 🐋🐋🐋


Audio story

5e911d4fa1f84bc677f5a4a4ebca94I interviewed an RSPCA employee named Bella Sigle, who has been working here in Sydney at the shelter for about a year. I was interested in what her job was like and why she chose to go down the path of working with animals.

Reflection: From this assessment I have learnt a few things, first to always be prepared for the interview. In this case I was I had planned out what questions I was wanting to ask, this made it a lot easier because I knew what to say. I found the interview very effective as a lot of my unanswered questions became answered. In the future I would love to be more confident when conducting an interview and not feel as nervous as I did.  Because of this I studded and my sentences did not flow.