Overall I am happy with the weekly exercises I have sumbitted for Mopho. From doing these weekly exercises my skills in photography have improved.



Over the past week I completed my Photo story for MOPHO, I am happy with the end result and the 10 photos I chose to publish. In the future I would like to have taken more of a varitety of photos so I am not limited in what I have to choose for the end product.


This week at TAFE we went on an excursion for the MOPHO Wednesday afternoon class. We went to China Town and took photos there. At the end of the day we edited and chose carefully 5 photos we wanted to make a photo story out of and published them on our instagram & blogs. Today we also went on an excursion to do more vox pops, but this time in Newtown. Myself and Miles asked the question “do you consider yourself a lucky or unlucky person.”We found people were very open to being recorded and into answering the question in Newtown compared to Martin Place.


This week has been the first week back at TAFE since the Easter holidays. During the holidays I completed the MOJO assignment, for my assignment I interviewed Bella who works at the RSPCA. Looking back I now know for the future what I can improve on when conducting an interview.


Today we discussed the ideas of serious games that tell a story or benift a good cause for example the game free rice. We also came up for game ideas similar, that could be created . In the afternoon photography class we took a range of shots in low key and high key tones. We also discussed and pitched our ideas for our  10 photo story assessment that will be due in June.


This week in MOPHO we explored into photographs that have made a huge impact in history. Who took them? Why? When? and how. I researched and found information on the photograph “the falling man” which is a very famous photo that was taken on 9/11. In MOJO we planned the vox pop that we will be filming next week in Martin Place.


Today we attempted to use an adobe program downloaded onto the PC’s at TAFE to edit our Vox pops that we filmed last week. The question myself, Miles and Jack chose to ask students/ pedestrians passing through TAFE was “what is a regretful text message you have ever sent”. The responses varied.. some being humorous and some being personal and touching. I really enjoyed getting out there and filming everyones responses and takes on this question.