Smarter Drinking, Smarter Thinking





Whether you’re a coffee lover or you simply just drink it for the social side, you might not realise how much harm you’re doing by simply grabbing a takeaway coffee at your local café.

Did you know that half of the world’s plastic goes into products that are only used once? And that 1 million plastic-lined disposable coffee cups end up in landfill every minute around the world?

We are all aware of the harmful effect plastic and non-reusable products do to our environment. This is not a sustainable way to live. But thankfully, it’s easy to change.

Luckily we have companies and organisations, both here and around the world, that see this as a serious issue. They are taking control by creating reusable and sustainable products that consumers can purchase which will help eliminate the amount they are wasting every day.

The real solution is for all of us to use sustainable products.

And a reusable coffee cup is an easy way to start!

Although reusable cups have a bigger initial environmental impact than paper ones when they’re first made, over time they become more resource-efficient than throwaway cups.

Since a re-usable coffee mug or tumbler is designed to be used about 3,000 times in its life, it provides about eight years of use for the average one-cup-a-day coffee drinker. That represents a substantial reduction in the environmental impact compared with 3,000 throw-away cups. For a 3-cup-a-day drinker that’s a saving of 9,000 throw away cups!

Online Companies like Think Cup, Frank Green and Keep Cup don’t just provide a reusable quality product they also provide eco fashionable merchandise that can been seen as a ‘trendy’ product.

But if buying online is not your thing, next time you need a coffee fix, check out your local cafes as many now sell their own branded or neutral reusable tumblers in store. Plus some grocery and gift stores are now also stocking them. And they make great gifts!

Though consumers have to fork out between $12-30 for the initial purchase of a reusable coffee cup, they will love the secure lid that prevents spillage. Plus they never get too hot to hold, like many plastic-lined paper cups do.

But one of the biggest bonus for consumers is that they will more than get their initial money outlay back as more and more cafes are giving a good discount when you bring your own cup.


It’s important for each of us to be constantly thinking:

* Where was this made?

* What was it made with?

* And what will happen when I dispose it?

Sustainability is a new way of thinking and something we are all still learning.

We need to show everyone as a community that sustainable products are easy to purchase, money-saving, comfortable to use and look great!

But above all, much healthier for this beautiful planet we all share!



From creating this video, I learnt a lot about sustainable products!

When it came to editing and putting the video together I learnt how to edit the audio on Garage Band and import it into iMovie, I would have to say this was one of the most difficult parts when putting the video together. When filming I used my iPhone and I am satisfied with the quality of the media. I enjoyed putting this together as I didn’t just learn a lot about sustainable products, but I also learnt more on how to edit different material together. I feel as though each time I created a video I become more confident in doing it and learning along the way from my mistakes.